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A recent survey shows that the residents and workers in the Järva, which includes Kista, are generally positive towards drones.

During Järvaveckan, we asked the residents and workers in Järva about drones and their feelings towards air mobility – their expectations, presumptions and knowledge. It is important to include the perspective of the citizens in the area as our work towards a testbed for urban drones continues.

Based on this survey we can conclude that public opinion on the use of drones in Järva is mostly positive, with high openness and curiosity. This is a fantastic result for us – it means that the public is on board with our future plans! There are however a number of concerns among the citizens, mostly because of their use in defense and a concern for privacy.

Regulation is an important issue and it is necessary to ensure public participation in the design of the regulation through measures such as spreading information on government-level regulation, organizing events and public debates and consultations.

The 50 people were interviewed for this survey, of whom 80% either lived or worked in the Järva area.

Download the survey results here!