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The seventeen pages long final report (with 69 pages of appendices) was approved by Vinnova and now we are struggling to make the full application perfect – in a maximum of ten pages and no appendices allowed. The term “kill your darlings” has never been more applicable. But at the same time – if you don’t need as many words you really know what you are talking about. And with everyone on board (Ericsson, Telia Company, Globhe, Royal Institute of Technology, Linkopings University, RISE Vastervik, City of Stockholm, LFV and the Swedish Transport Administration) we have a great application that, if approved, really can add value to society.

We are doing this for many different reasons to add value to as many actors as possible. Public sector needs to become more expedient and use the resources more efficiently, it also needs to enable the infrastructure and start using experience based legislation development. Industry – large medium and small sized companies – need to be able to develop drone related products and services in a safe and easy-to-use environment, academia needs to have somewhere where they can conduct applied science and QA, and the citizens need somewhere to become engaged and have influence.

All of this is what Stockholm UAM Lab is about. On September 25 the application will be filed and November 12 we will know. Keep your fingers crossed.