In a new blog post on the Ericsson website, in part written by our Technical Advisor Richard Wirén, details how drones can be used to protect airwaves from interference.

The article, written by Johan Torsner, Richard Wirén, Kimmo Hiltunen and Fedor Chernogorov, details and explains the complexity and importance of protecting airwaves.

Regardless of how the spectrum is accessed, radio signal interference to surrounding networks needs to be controlled and kept below certain limits, because interference is a key factor affecting network performance. Without efficient methods to manage interference, dedicated industrial networks can end up disturbing other surrounding industrial networks or the macro networks used by other subscribers and applications.

Drones could be used to identify the interference.

UAVs, equipped with a radio scanner that can detect 4G and 5G signals, can be programmed to perform the measurements along a predefined 3D flight path which can be repeated several times for increased accuracy. It is also possible to take the measurements at several heights. This offers a significant advantage as radio signal interference is strongly height dependent.

Read the whole blog post over at the Ericsson website. Well worth your time!