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Dear UAM network!

Unfortunately, I must tell you that we have had a setback and we didn’t get the application to Vinnova granted – this time. It is very motivating and gratifying that Vinnova considered the application as strong and with great potential since it enables open and accessible test facilities within an important new service and business area. This encouraging statement and the great feedback we got has helped us to make the decision to do a second attempt now in December, when the same call opens again. If we are successful this time we can start in the beginning of May 2020.

We are also taking the opportunity to gather further national authorities to the reference group and connect the UAM Lab closer to the relevant Swedish Strategic Innovation Programs. We have also written a letter of intent with Mats Sällström CEO at Everdrone who together with Karolinska Institute and the Swedish SOS Alarm is conducting a very interesting project with emergency medical transports (congratulations!). This enables us to have a mission driven project close to the UAM Lab which is great.

We are still waiting to receive a result from our application to H2020 SESAR call SESAR-RIA Research and Innovation Action, where our proposal was to put together a policy lab to manage the legislative and regulatory challenges with drones in urban environment.

It could be good for you to know that I am participating in the U-Space network’s work together with EASA and the EU Commission to develop the EU legislation, representing the City of Stockholm. I will therefore be in Amsterdam during Amsterdam Drone Week 3-5 December, if you would like to meetup.

/Petra Dalunde, Project Coordinator