Those who will make it happen


Petra Dalunde

COO, Urban ICT Arena

At Urban ICT Arena we are trying to create the best possible ground to develop products and services that contribute to the sustainable and connected city. I believe that drones with their 3D capacitation constitutes a beautiful possibility enabled by digitalization and connectivity. They also disrupt society in so many interesting ways, challenging legislation, regulation and old business models.  In Urban ICT Arena we want to build a new testbed – for drones in an urban environment – in a safe but very complex part of Stockholm.

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Phone: +46 (0)704 15 92 09

Business & Partnership Coordinator

Helena Samsioe


Helena has run GLOBHE, a global drone service company, since 2015. Through her role at GLOBHE she has a unique network, knowledge and understanding of how drones can create added value in the community, what opportunities and challenges for drones exist, and which market players have appropriate solutions to integrate.

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Tel: +46 (0)702 25 67 39

Technical Advisor

Richard Wirén

Senior Solution Architect – Ericsson

At Ericsson, we have a keen interest in understanding in depth our current and future customers, as well as the real needs of society so that we can further develop our products and services. Both the drone and telecom industries have a strong vision that mobile networks will play an important role in the rapidly growing drone industry, so it is very important to start with reality-based testing even in urban environments. It is inspiring to work together with partners who come up with new uses and insights that we could not even think of before.

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Tel: +358 40 563 0940

Representative of Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider, LFV

Billy Josefsson

Manager Automation & Human Performance
Research & Innovation

Billy Josefsson has been a model pilot since childhood, and air traffic controller since 1982. He is also a private pilot and an avid enthusiast who has worked internationally with research and innovation in air traffic management with the human – machine organization perspective where safety, culture and new technology are the basis for innovation. Billy runs a number of projects, including UTM projects for security, location and airspace optimization. Billy’s network is global, he has also held several global and European leadership positions and has been repeatedly identified as one of the most “connected” individuals in ATM with a strong network in Europe, the US and Asia. Billy is responsible for the Automation & Human Performance area and has a very effective collaboration with leading academies, industries and institutions. Within Stockholm UAM Lab, Billy will work on developing operational concept and external monitoring.

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Tel: +46 (0) 708 19 23 31

Representative of Linköping University

Valentin Polishchuk

Associate Professor, Linköping University


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Tel: 011-36 33 65

Representative of the Swedish Transport Administration

Johan Holmér

National Aviation Coordinator and Board Member of the Swedish Transport Administration’s FoI Portfolio Aviation

Johan would like to gain more knowledge about the development and potential of the drone’s role in society and synergies with, among other things, the Swedish Transport Administration’s other assignments and activities.

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Tel: 076-1098435

Representative of the City of Stockholm

Camilla Wikström

Project Manager, Traffic Administration Office

The Traffic Administration Office at Stockholm City would like to see how drones could function in the urban environment. We would also like to explore how drones could deliver to better services for the citizens and strengthen the operation of the city. 

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